Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

NOW it feels like spring. ^-^

Got the ol' birdbath out today! :D


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I was able to move the base out there myself--IT WEIGHS OVER 80 POUNDS--but the top, omg. The top is at least a hundred pounds so I had to wait for him to get home. But can you believe I moved the base?? Lifted with my legs! Woo! And it goes right beside the feeders so the birds already know it's there. :D

Gorgeous blue skies today. :)


Guess what I did today! (Besides this.)


Nothin'. ^-^

I put this on the TV...


and then I just spent the day lazily organizing the main floor, walking the dogs in the forest, birdwatching and colouring in my piggy and witch colouring books. No big task or major goal. Well, the goal was to relax! And it felt great. Did my stretches first thing in the morning, too. Okay I did the dishes and cleaned the cat boxes and toilet, too, but that was it. But those things take barely any time! I still kept a very chill pace throughout the day. I just really needed/wanted a 'me day', and it was so nice. I ate really well, too! Here's my food for the day so far:

Breakfast: Big chocolate chip muffin
Second breakfast: 2 eggs (over easy) and two (whole grain) toasts
Noonsies: The leftover hamburger from last night, plus I made fresh fries
Afternoon snack: Cheddar and crackers (Triscuits! Mmm.)

And for dinner I think I'm just going to make a bit pot of rice and an assortment of frozen hors d'oeuvres, because again, it's a 'me day'. Heh. ^-^

Hope you're all having a nice weekend, so far. <3
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