Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

1985 Barbie: Peaches 'n Cream

I had this one! I remember the dress. <3


I've been sick for over a week now so yes I'm now doing things like Googling what Barbie looked like the year I was born *lol*...

This all started thanks to Pinterest, actually! Toys from the '80s & '90s starting popping up and I kept saving them so it kept giving me more... That board now has like two hundred pins on it and I realize that in a physical sense, I was an extremely spoiled child. o_O (My guy even said exactly that. *LOL*! I was like, "HEY!!" but, I mean, I could not actually deny it... The proof is right there in rainbow colours *lol*).

Leave your birth year in the comments and I'll Google your Barbie (sounds dirty, heh)!

1 more photo of her -->


She was awesome and I loved that dress. Do you know what my first dream job was?


Vanna White. I wanted to be Vanna White back when she wore those really glamorous dresses just to touch those screens, heh. ^-^ Fun fact? We have the same birthday! I had such a crush on her--my family really should've known what was coming up in those teen years *LOL*.
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