Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Sometimes it's the only way...


Got up at 6!! Cat boxes? Done! Laundry? Done! Kitchen? Done! Sweeping/vacuuming? Done! Bathroom? Er...I'm gonna do that right after this coffee. :D


Oh! I did also do my daily stretches already--yes, I'm still doing that. :) I didn't want to bore everyone to actual death talking about it all the time but I am keeping it up (consistency is the key) and I'd like you to know that in December, it hurt to touch my toes... But I am now mere inches from putting my nose on my knee (floor stretches).


I crave it, now. They say it takes six weeks to make something a habit, but I think it was more like ten, for me. (Damn stubborn Aquarius Wood Ox *lol*.) But it was worth every hellish session, and I'm doing my scary-workout DVDs twice a week, too. (I'd like to increase that, but I don't actually love exercising that much, which is why we're so good about our eating habits! Part of that, is laziness *lol*.)

Prettied up the pantry again! -->



I like knowing exactly what we have at all times and I can't do that when it starts to get messy.

Back to working on the laundry room today. :o I've still never shown it to you guys 'cause it's just been so full of stuff (winter gear ARGH it takes up so much space) but it's pretty close to being shareable, now. :)

I've already read two chapters in my book this morning, I'll be done it this afternoon for sure.

I ordered something special for myself and it's supposed to arrive today...fingers crossed that it's not late? ^-^



I know the wallpaper (!!) inside the pantry is insanely weird and bad *LOL* and if I had a clue in hell how to change it, I would!! (I WILL look into this! It's just I don't think of it until I open the door, you know? *lol*)

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