Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Totally keeping positive... Nothing to see here...


Staying sane by limiting my online time to two hours a day (morning and evening), and being anti TV/cable/streaming (turned off the Idiot Box in 2005 and tried Netflix for two years and then thought that was crap, too), I am wasting no time in bettering my situation the best I can. Not signing into social media (it's been since last week, I think) because most people act like fools there on a good day. So, I'm back to reading books at an average of 100 pages a day, just like that. Amazing.

I was allowing myself to become lazy and distracted, again, I see now.


Back to prioritizing the things that really matter (our home, our health, our goals etc). Self discipline is what I need in my life right now and so please excuse me if I'm semi-absent for awhile--but I'm certain you'll like me better, at the end of all this (my goal is to like myself better--this isn't for anyone except me).

Love to all who read this.


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