Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

All the birds are coming home <3


Made me so happy to look up and see this yesterday. :)

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I swear they almost formed the shape of a damn bird! :o




I just stood there, watching them fly, for over five minutes. It's so quiet out here and I'm still soaking it all it in...

Like the sunsets.

You can see soooo much sky out here! Last night's was especially fabulous, and we watched it for at least ten minutes in utter silence. It was every shade of orange and purple that the human mind can imagine... Surreal. It was like looking at the original image of every sunset painting ever made. You could see so many different artistic styles in the clouds--it almost felt like it was somehow mocking us, in a gentle way. Nothing people ever do will ever be as perfect (or as beautiful) as the natural world around us.

I did not take a photo, because it felt like it was just for us, and I wanted to keep it a little bit private/special. ^-^ (I realize we shared the sunset with billions of others but it still didn't feel right to take a photo and "capture it". It was a free, perfect moment, and I'll never forget it.)

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