Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Hellooooo Saturday!!

thespian15, I decided on fajitas! :D


Come on in -->

*I would normally use red onion for this, of course, but it had gone BAD. Chucked it into the woods like a baseball. -_-


Once I had the room on my plate I added a bit of rice and refried beans. ^-^

We had a few broken taco shells leftover from earlier in the week so I made sure to use those up, too. It was good! Never had a crunchy taco with chicken, always beef! ...I love crunch!!



One of my childhood-throwback faves! ^-^ It's still cold here (sitting around -7C right now) and we only ever got them around the winter holidays so it has always seemed a special treat to me. Does anyone else remember them coming in giant, purple metal tins?? I do.


And tonight I'm making good ol' fashioned hamburgers (egg, a touch of homemade breadcrumbs, Worcestershire, herbs, spices...!!) which is also "your fault" for mentioning them, Jon. *LOL*

It's Saturday so I'm enjoying being a little lazy here with my guy ;) I've walked the dogs, done the cat litter boxes, and fed/freshened all their waters. That's IT. Hehe!! (All of that took, like, 30 mins?? Lazy bit...)

BUT my man is about to leave here in a minute to do a work thing so I guess I'll go in there and actually do the kitchen/bathroom/laundry (off-peak times, baby!!) etc. ^-^

I hope you're all having a fabulous start to the weekend! And if you're NOT, please know that I did technically start my day by cleaning up cat puke (Leela's).


She's okay, now! Just a hairball. :)


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