Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Rainy Morning with My Friends

Good morning. :)

Woke up to the sounds of soft, gentle rain this morning. I suited up and enjoyed a very quiet walk with the dogs. Made my man's lunch (he's a sheet metal guy, works in a shop and doesn't deal with the public) and now I'm sipping a strong, hot coffee.

My news check this morning was very quick--five minutes on CNN online and now that's it until tomorrow morning. I'm informed (and unsettled) and that's enough for now.


Do we all agree that we should push back our dental cleaning appointments until after this virus is gone? We've got the best and cleanest dentist in all of Ottawa but I'm just afraid of leaving my mouth open for 45 minutes while GERMS could be circulating in the air... They can be as diligently clean as they want but it just takes ONE asshat to come in and cough and ruin everything.

Okay time to do cat boxes and grab another coffee. Hope you all slept well! (I didn't and I had a nightmare and no I don't want to discuss it argh...)

Update: -->

- We are pushing back the cleanings!

- I did do the cat boxes and finished cleaning the kitchen. Also changed the three garbages in the house (I do this every morning, part of my wake-up ritual).


Hope you're all having a lovely day! :)

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