Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

They're from the hardware store! *LOL* (Sunday continued)

Can you BELIEVE we found these at 'Sadie's house'? :D


theirgrammy I think you're the only person who will find these as great as we do so this post is dedicated to you, doll!! ^-^

More! -->


He's the red one and I'm the blue! ^-^


But I steal his to walk dogs when he's gone all day at work. HEHE.



About to go start making dinner. My ~signature~ meatballs and some sort of noodle (he gets bored with spaghetti so I keep like nine different pastas in the house at all times because I need pasta).

Last night I got the night off cooking because there were more than enough taco leftovers, woohoo!! And for breakfast I've been sticking to cereal or a granola bar and having my eggs (scrambled or over easy, usually) and toast for lunch. (And I snack all day long on fruits and raw veggies. Just a constant graze...)

You can tell I'm hungry--just babbling about food now. ;)

Let me know what you had for dinner in the comments! Curious about people's quarantine routines. ^-^

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