Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

The Hardware Store Kitty!



Gawd I love small towns!


Isn't she sweet as heck?! Literally lives in the store! Has total free reign and no interest in running out the door (she has it MADE). Most affectionate gal you will ever meet in your life. :) I forget her name right now but I think it might be Sadie? Doesn't matter SO CUTE argh. ^-^

I asked if she gets into things in the night (they are nocturnal, after all!) and the man said yes, but they also haven't had a mouse in three years. ;) SUCH A GOOD KITTY.

This was on Sunday. :) We're limiting our trips out (just voluntarily self isolating to help the whole effort) and only going in stores one at a time (it's not required but we thought it a wise idea, all the same) AND he's been super vigilant about keeping wipes in the truck for wrapping that gas pump handle. *shudders* Sooo dirty...

So, we're doing what we can. Oh, and our stores are mostly re-stocked out here! Yay.


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