Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Keeping Busy, Staying Sane <3

Helloooo! ^-^

I haven't been here very much (for me, *lol*) because I've been cooking/making food a lot, reading books (paper ones--the only kind for me...I don't retain digital in the same way and have quit reading my horror shorts online) and continuing the spring cleaning to keep my spirits up.



Wanna see? -->

All those cookbooks were jammed into this cabinet before, but they just weren't handy there! I left several inches to still be able to easily open that window--and they're only there temporarily until I find an even better home for them. :)


My poor teas were kind of just scattered everywhere before, but now we have a TEA PLACE!



Felt great to haul everything out and scrub it all down--THE STINK OF CLEAN. ^-^

This is the sister to the other cabinet and it has NOT been deep cleaned, yet--that is one of today's jobs. :) But I did tidy it! Also, do you like my new cupcake 'piggy'bank? It's just from the dollar store. ^-^


Here are two other (adorable!!) things from the dollar stores! :D

No more stuff on this countertop! It is now a clean, cleared space that ~invites you to use it~.



And my guy remarked recently that he didn't feel like he had a place to set his things down when he walks in, so I de-cluttered this thingy right by the door for him <3


Dinner last night was tacos! The green peppers looked awful so I went with red. :)

For breakfast I'd made two pieces of toast and two eggs, over easy. Lunch was a peanut butter and jam sandwich :D


Chunky peanut butter *staring directly at sextangles* and that awesome jam from the flea market!


It's more important than ever to eat at home right now since everyone stockpiled all the damn food.

I hope you're all well, and finding ways to entertain yourselves in positive ways right now. :)

We are just voluntarily self isolating for the sake of others but that has absolutely zero impact on my personal life whatsoever. Actually, I shouldn't say that. This has actually had a positive effect on my life because I'm really pushing myself to do things that make me happy more than ever before (gotta balance out my morning online CNN check...). I mean, I'm still so upset for myriad reasons, so disappointed in most people, but I can't just live in misery from morning to night. I'm letting myself cry whenever I need to and doing more Reiki treatments. Oh, and I'm finally recovered from my fall on the ice (eight damn days! Argh) so my normal workouts can resume today! I've been missing that so much (in addition to the stretching and brisk dog walking I usually do a workout DVD for an hour a day, and they are HILARIOUS. It's hard not to laugh the whole time--which is actually just a great bonus *Lol*!)


Stay well; look for the light.


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