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Something cheerful for YOU <3

Good morning! :) (I'm feeling better, heh.)


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Fake flowers just from the dollar store, but I knew they'd look rockin' in the kitchen.




The box! The box!!!


I donated my other travel mug to the birds awhile ago (it's an excellent size and shape for scooping their seed up out of the huge bag and its slender design makes it easy to pour into my feeders that have small or odd openings) so I treated myself to this on the weekend. :)


It's from the local Home Hardware (always trying to shop small, and locally when possible), of all places! Total score. :D

How's everyone's Monday going, so far? I'm just getting caught up around here so please forgive me if you've already posted this morning (I'll get there, soon!) :)

Mine is a B+, so far. I have mild (now) cramps but I just got in there and did the cat boxes and the feeding of the pigs and...actually, that's it.


Usually I've done the kitchen by this time of morning, but I'm a touch off today. I'm chipping away at things, though, little by little. Not worried about anything right now. It'll all get done. Everything is good--despite the vibe outside of our little haven, here. (So, I'm staying in the haven. It's that easy!)

Alright that's all for now. ^-^


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