Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

The Good with the Bad

Titus and The Pig just went on a rampage together through the house.


Pig knocked the baby gate down and together they broke one of my favourite (decorative) mugs and smashed up a candle.

*deep breath*

But then, after I'd cleaned it all up, I was going to put the broom away and my eye caught movement at the big window. It was a total mishmash group feeding bird frenzy out there! I sat, and saw:

- Two Northern cardinals (male and female)
- Two mourning doves (male and female)
- Dozens of black-capped chickadees
- Woodpeckers
- A bunch of cute little chonkers with long beaks that I can't identify yet


So I sat there on the step (in the warmth!) and enjoyed a good ten mins of silent birdwatching. (Even the pets were calm because they knew they were in trouble *Lol*.)

That mug can be replaced, but if I'd not been in there at that moment I'd have missed the beautiful bird show.


Hope you're having a beautiful day, too.


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