Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

<3 Welcoming Spring <3


Scrubbing winter away. ^-^ (This was yesterday morning, before the massive PAIN settled in throughout the entire left side of my body...)

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Basically all my accoutrement comes from the flea market. :)


This serving board below is special to me because I know the woman who makes this stuff is sick (I think her husband, who mans her booth, said it's cancer but I of course didn't ask a lot of questions and just offered my loving thoughts and energy, instead. Kind of my way of saying "I'll pray for you"). I always at least look at that booth and say nice things, even if I don't buy anything (I just can't every single week, but I always at least look and treat myself if something calls to me there, first). She makes tiny birdhouses (decorative, for indoor use) and I have two so far :) the yellow and the green one. I'll be grabbing the beautiful soft pink one, this Sunday! <3


This is also one of her creations :)


It's funny 'cause I actually DETEST Coca-Cola, or any soft drink, but I just love that retro style. ;)




Kind of a reverse rainbow but without red. :) (I LIKE red, a lot actually, but it looked like vials of blood. *LOL*)

The little jars needed washing so of course I took these trippy photos for you. :D


I'm always mesmerized by stuff like this *Lol*



Looks cool, right? Turned out black when I shook it.


It's SO difficult to mix colours in these tiny things! There just isn't enough water :\ but I made it work best I could.


OH! And I ordered that new vacuum part (no charge, still under warranty! Woo!) two business days ago so that means it could arrive anytime between now and five more (business) days... Let's all cross our fingers for TODAY! ;)


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