Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Delayed Reaction

Okay. It hurts now. My back is so sore it's starting to seize up and my left leg is...well it's just frigged. The knee is swollen and it's all starting to change colours.


Glad I got the daily chores early today because I burnt out by about 15:30 and I doubt I'll be able to move at all tomorrow?? Easy pasta dinner tonight (and maybe tomorrow, too).

He stopped at the grocery store on the way home yesterday when I told him it happened...




So that was really thoughtful ^-^ (And it was tasty!! Thank you Chef WANG *lmao*...)

And hellocupcakes this is all your fault. ;)


Sooo good. I saw you got the healthy ones but I couldn't find them, so... :>

I was feeling pretty beat up last night so we started the second watch of Doom: Annihilation! adafrog, I think it was you who said it was worth another go? Well, you were 100% right. We are loving it way more than the first time. :)

Off to make dinner, quick smoke and catch up with you guys again, and then we're off to finish the movie. Probably be another early night for me and I am not complaining.

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