Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

I don't really have much to say...?

But here we go, anyway! ^-^

We had a great, very ~domestic bliss~ type of weekend! Just all grocery shopping and cleaning around the house together. Ate well every day (we're on a beef kick! Definitely making chicken tomorrow).

Oh, and I'm not sure what it's like where you are (?), but none of our stores out here are at all depleted. I noticed the Canadian newspapers were trying to scare people by showing "empty grocery shelves"--except, if you read the fine print, they chose to only show ONE store, across Canada. Costco. Pff. (We don't shop there.) All the Independent Grocers, Foodlands, Walmarts, Giant Tigers etc. are all still totally stocked, as normal. I really wish those lunatics would relax. (I'd bet a sprinkle donut that the same morons stockpiling TP and Chunky Soup aren't even washing their hands as needed/they're still touching their face. I swear everywhere I look there is someone using their bare damn hand as a tissue... -_-) Anyway. Enough on this.

Last night, we started watching Mad Max: Fury Road again because it's sooo good but so fast-paced and just definitely deserves another watch. :) (It's just as terrifying the second time around *LOL*...) My heart just JACKHAMMERS the whole entire time o_O but it's exciting, and I love it. We'll finish that tonight!

<3 you all! Hope everyone had a good Monday. :)

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