Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Slow-Motion Murder (Dream)

I keep dreaming that people keep showing up to have some raging party here...and I keep killing them. In SLOW MOTION. It's the most disturbing thing ever. Last night I dreamt I killed my old school chum with a broken tire iron.


Also, Reddit:NoSleep's slogan ("everything is true even if it isn't") has made its way into my subconscious, and I've been applying it. :o If I believe it, it'll be true...and that's how I got a girl to drive (like a car) a bunk bed through a wall to save me.

I also swam in a mad scientist's olympic-sized pool, only to have him tell me (AS I swam) that he "could turn it from light to dark with the flick of a switch"...and then he literally flipped a switch and the water turned black and started roiling and frothing and I scrambled like a lunatic to climb the wet wall to get out.


I don't even take a sleep aid or anything *LOL* this is all 'me'...

Well, off to get my hair done now! :D


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