Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

First, they told us not to panic.

That is when I said to my man, "it's time to prepare".

Then they literally said, "don't prepare", because "this will all blow over".


China is now welding their citizens inside their homes to die horrible, painful, drawn-out deaths.

Sickening. It's just like the Plague, when they would send people home to die because there wasn't anything the hospitals could do, anyway.

And China is the country our stupid PM said he would "like us to be more like". Oh, that communist country that is literally murdering its sick right now? Got it.


This is the movie Contagion coming to we all knew it would.

Thanks to my man being black mold and asbestos removal certified, we already have the correct masks, should we need them out there in the world... (We are hoping we won't because we're so rural now and yes, this is one of the reasons we moved away from the big city.)

...If some demon in a hazmat suit comes to weld our door shut then we're welding his ass to his face.

Now let's all go wash our hands...again.

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