Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Movie Review: The Cannonball Run!!


Oh my gosh *LOL* this movie. Where do I EVEN begin?

It's horribly racist (against more than one minority! At least it doesn't discriminate in that way?! Argh...) and there is a joke every 15 minutes about sexually assaulting a woman in some way *clenches fists*


But, it was 1980. If you can remember that and forgive the times, so to speak, it actually is a fun/funny movie ^-^ I was able to enjoy it while detaching from the negative aspects, for once (oh look at me...growing up! Heh). For the record, I wouldn't tolerate any of those "jokes" in a movie made NOW, but this was forty years ago. Just wanted to make that distinction. :)

Moving on! Um...FARRAH FAWCETT?!

*brain shatters*

Okay! Understanding now why she's such a highly regarded sex symbol!! WOW!!! Every time she spoke I was a total braindead idiot holy frig she was a '10'!! I'm not insecure about my looks (well, no more than is normal *lol*) but it's hard to look at her in this movie and not feel like pond scum!!


Also--no one ever thought to mention to me that she was/is the ORIGINAL Sheri-Moon Zombie?! (My biggest crush! Shared with my guy, heh.) OMG. That VOICE! *stupid again*

Okay, back to the actual movie! Funny, fast-paced, and I hope I didn't scare you off with anti-woman stuff because there are actually a few great girl-power-y moments :) The racist sh*t...well, I can't comfort you on that. It's...not good. (And frustratingly the characters themselves KNOW it's bad, and say as much...yet the "jokes" made it into the movie? Ugh. It's indefensible but again...forty years ago. *sigh*)

It was one of my guy's favourite childhood movies and he hadn't seen it in 30+ years so he kept apologizing for some of the crud parts but I told him to STOP because 1, he didn't even remember those parts (it all goes over your head when you're 8!) and 2, he obviously did not skip out on elementary school to go have a hand in the production of this movie *LOL*.

Glad I saw it. :) Love seeing movies that are special to him <3 and, we have the second one, too!!


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