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"You came in with the breeze, on Sunday morning..."

Finally less freezing out there this morning! Only -3. Woke up at ten to seven with no alarm.


Read a Creepy Pasta before bed that still has me twitching...! Some of them are so good I don't know how these people aren't published. It was called IF YOU’RE ARMED AND AT THE GLENMONT METRO, PLEASE SHOOT ME, and I give it a solid 10/10. The title grabbed me right away and the rest of it did not disappoint! (Poor bastard...I'd kill you, if I could!)

And I realize now I never actually rated the Doki Doki Literature Club game! Also a 10/10 from me. *still shivering*

Well we've got a lot to do today so I better finish this coffee then hit the shower! The HOT shower, so so hot since fixing the water heater, heh.

Oh, and I dreamt I met Danny Trejo...IN THE BATHROOM. Like, I was GOING to the bathroom (mortifying) and I kept trying to tell ol' Dano that I DID wanna talk/meet him but could he maybe get OUT of the stall with me and wait a sec?! (He straight up said "no" and kept chatting to me as if I was knitting on the couch *LOL*)


The hell was THAT about? Wow!

Anyway...have a great day!! ^-^

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