Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

The Birthday Post ^-^

It was quiet, and calm, and lovely. Perfect.


I told him weeks ago that I didn't want anything for my birthday, or to make a big deal of it (I don't mean this in a negative or cynical way at all, but this year for the first time ever it felt like 'just another day', but not in a bad way! It was actually really nice to face that day with absolutely zero pressure from myself), but he found ways to make it so special and beautiful by doing lots of little things for me, instead.


He did all the dog walks (we usually each take one when we're home together) and ALL the cleaning after cooking and eating (quality cleaning, too! He's no piggy). That might seem like nothing to some, but it was everything to me. Felt so appreciated in general because I do dishes three times a day (averaging 10 mins each time, no big deal at all) so it was such a treat to eat and then go right outside for a smoke/be lazy in the garage, heh.

I did say (weeks ago) that despite not wanting a gift-gift, I sure wouldn't turn down those cookies from the home bakery in the next little town from us here...and he remembered/delivered. <333


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