Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Morning Chores! ^-^

I LOVE long weekends--you get two Sundays!! ^-^

By 9:15 this morning I'd accomplished:

- Two dog walks
- Kitty boxes
- Put another load of delicates on, put away yesterday's load
- Cleaned the kitchen all sparkly so I can go in and do some baking later :)
- Tidied the whole main floor (movie nights are messy here, heh!)
- Had breakfast (a muffin top *LOL* don't judge me! It was better than drinking coffee on an empty stomach *nods*)
- Got more laundry baskets ready to go when the machine is free (I've set phone alarms, heh)

*Edited to keep track of what I've done today -->

- Hung the 2nd round of delicates
- Put a load of towels/housecoats on
- Organized garbage/recycling in the house & then the Mr. brought it out to the curb :)
- Put the whites away
- Another dog walk (3 now)

Aaaand yeah, I think that's it? But the kitchen alone took me an hour. Forward momentum, baby!!

Oh but I still need to stretch! Still doing that every day :) and it stopped hurting so insanely badly around week 9, if you're wondering!


Hope you're all having a great morning!

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