Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Movie Review: Doom: Annihilation


This is a tough one to rate. If you loved the original computer game, then there's a lot to enjoy just based on that. This movie stays truer to the actual gameplay (and creatures) than the first one did. But...that CAST, though.


Terrible, embarrassingly bad job of casting. The lieutenant!? Please. She was not believable as a marine of any kind let alone one in charge of anything. And obviously, it's not because she was a woman. There were two other female marines and the blue-haired one would've made a way more believable boss. They also leaned pretty hard on some tired racial stereotypes (you knew the black guy ~with an attitude~ was going to die early, and he did. Lame. And they included a pretty disgusting portrayal of Australians while they were at it. Just...stop...doing that. -_-

But! It's got awesome first-shooter-y goodness that was close enough to the game to give me passive anxiety.


And, the BFG!! WOO!

But, now please correct me if I'm wrong because I've not actually played Doom since the mid '90s, but weren't the BFG and the plasma gun two different guns?! I was sure the gun that shoots green plasma was a totally different weapon. ??

I'm still giving this one a 6/10 because it stayed really true to its roots, and the overall story was good (well, it at least made sense! *lol*) but the ending was 'la poo'.

Love to hear your thoughts, if you've seen it! :)


I can now confirm that in the original game, the plasma gun and the BFG were indeed two different guns!

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