Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Day 16: Pepper Steaks :)

Mmm. Pepper steaks. ^-^


See I told you I just had eggs dixonvixen hehe! So good. Mmm.

Did a big grocery shop and actually went to three different places for the best meats (butcher), produce and then the non-perishables respectively (like flour and stuff--I get all that at Walmart) so we've got really nice stuff for another few weeks of cooking and baking. Definitely doing some baking tomorrow! I, physically, today, like maybe I'm going to get cramps soon, so it sure would be nice to have 48 freshly baked cookies and maybe some cupcakes in the cupboard...!


Overkill? *LOL*! My guy has a crazy sweet tooth, and I plan to bring half of whatever I bake over to Farmer Don in the afternoon, so we won't actually drown in sweets. :)

Was it beautiful out there for everyone else today, too? It was 3C here--3!!! :D

There were hints of spring in that wind, today, and it felt GOOD. The sky even looked summery, if you know what I mean? The clouds are somehow different...and it looked like that today. It put me in such a great mood!

We also picked up some new cat nip toys for Leela and Titus and they are going bananas in there right now! Sooo sweet. The dogs are getting along great, too, no more skirmishes since that one bit of unpleasantness. Ahh. Temporary peace... ;)

Hope you're all having a wonderful long weekend! <333

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