Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

Day 15: Chicken Wraps! :)

Used up all that chicken!


1 more -->


We had it on the list as chicken fajitas, which these are NOT...but it was close enough.

Had/having a very chill, relaxed Saturday here. I washed all the little mats in the house (bath mats, kitchen mats, cat feeding + cat litter mats and the list goes on SO MANY LITTLE MATS) so that felt good... And then Titus destroyed my drying rack.


Like, OBLITERATED it. He must've thought it was a solid structure and jumped on top of it...every damn bar is bent. o_O Little doofus. I'd had it over 10 years so I guess it didn't owe me anything...but still! Who knows how many more years it would've lived if not for Titus the Terrible??

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