Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark


I am still eating an apple with lunch every day. :D


I guess this is technically leckfast! I forcefully jam a granola bar or tiny bowl of cereal down my gullet first thing when I wake up so I'm not drinking coffee on an empty stomach, and then an hour and a half or so later I have something like this. :D

Today is going great :) No complaints from me. I've already done the cat boxes, put away last night's dryer load (it was just towels so no worries about WRINKLES ack I can't stand seeing people in wrinkly clothes) spiffed up the kitchen and washroom, walked mutts, ate twice and cleaned that up, too... Well, that's it but that's good for me for before 11. :) I've been tweaking (and sticking to) my morning routine for months now and it's really been helping my overall mood! The more you get done early in the day the better you'll feel and that is a guarantee.


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