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It's so mild that the gnomes are out!

It's been so awesomely mild this winter and we could not be more grateful!! Currently sitting at -5C. PFF! Practically summer!!! It was like this in 2010 and I never thought we'd match/beat it but I think we are? Normally it'd be -34C now o_O I haven't even really experienced the ol' SAD this time around--THAT'S how nice it's been! So much of the snow is melting, and Sooki alerted me to some of the gnomes saying 'hello'! ^-^


Closer up -->


Ain't he a lil' cutie? ^-^

Almost time for my morning stretches! I don't do any specific yoga or anything but I DO mimic the way my cats and dogs stretch, so, that IS yoga?! Good enough.


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