Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Day 3: Chicken Alfredo!

Good morning! Hope everyone slept well :) I slept well enough! Coffee is picking up the slack. Heh. Okay on with it...


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Cleaned my plate!! Ya don't see that often, heh (I can't eat a lot at once but I eat all day long.)

And he brought the leftovers to work! I always feel like such a good little wifey when he has more than sandwiches in his cooler (he LOVES sandwiches, though. Loves 'em like Joey! But, still). ^-^


In a different direction, my man told me to go ahead and watch Ab Fab on my own because he knows I like a sit-down lunch break (and also we suck at sitting down together for TV time as previously mentioned and NO we STILL haven't finished Friday...) and I'm on the third disc and still cry-laughing through each episode--I EVEN LOVE SAFFRON, NOW! She made me wanna rip my hair out at first, but, she grows on ya! :)

Funnily enough I actually prefer Eddie, now <3 I love them both, though! It was 49/51 for Pats and now it's reversed. Heh. If you don't understand any of this it's probably just because you're not a Buddhist (dahling).


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