Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

Little Things

I always have a lot to do/catch up on on Mondays but I did take five minutes this afternoon to do something fun/creative/PRETTY just to keep my spirits up. ^-^ (Early this morning I'd read about how a good friend was in an unpleasant mood for seemingly no reason, so I took care to do little things for myself today <3)


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I have a bunch of these spice jars (I have been gifted complete spice racks half a dozen times in my life...I only started cooking a few years ago?! *LoL*! So, I've got a bunch of these things and thought I'd use them to brighten up the kitchen a little.



And some of the credit must go to xina_gee because it was seeing your pretty room the other day that made me realize the kitchen could really use more cheerful colour. :)


I used to do stuff like this when I was a kid, heh. Brought me back. :)

We just finished a really nice dinner together but it was heavy so I need a quick sit-down here before doing the dishes! I'll catch up with you guys a little, do that (15 mins, tops--it wasn't a hugely complicated meal) and then we're off to finally finish Friday the 13th! Yay! ^-^

Hope you all had a great day. :)
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