Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

The Big Saturday Shop

My man and I actually sat down for an hour this morning and thought of 29 (non-repeating) dinners for this month--at least half a dozen of which I've never attempted. We did a gigantic grocery shop tonight and I bought all sorts of things that have never been in my kitchen before (or, very rarely) like honey, corn starch, corn syrup, canned pineapple, soya sauce, apple cider vinegar, various broths, some new (to me) spices and herbs... I'm excited about this. I've been printing out recipes all week and now I finally have all the cooking components I need to make them all happen. I'm also going to try making a few Asian recipes and even an Iranian dish (Kabab Koobeideh).

Here is the menu planner I printed out, if you're interested.

Now that we live in a rural area and with the cost of gas (plus the value of our time, itself) it just makes so much sense to do this. (Plus, we want to. It just feels good to cook and eat at home--and I never, ever thought I'd been saying that.)

So last night was poutine -->


and tonight I'm going to whip up some nice cheeseburgers, maybe chop the onion up real teeny tinily and throw it right in with the meat this time? I like that sometimes.

And we can never make it home with a truck full of groceries without getting into something...


Six donuts for a buck? Uh, yes please.

And of course, our beloved cheese sticks.


My favourite bouquet of cheese sticks.

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