Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Oof so I'm at THAT age now... :D (I don't care. *LOL*!)

A big thank-you to dixonvixen for reminding us that before Hallowe'en we bought the first four Friday the 13th movies but of course we suck at sitting down and never watched them!! Well, we finally did! And we made it 42 whole minutes (we'll finish it tonight). :D


More yammering! -->


Two bucks a movie?! Yup had to grab it. :D

OKAY! So. I've never REALLY sat down and watched these movies until now. They were on TV for my entire childhood and I definitely watched it around 8-10 years old and I remember my thoughts from then and WOW were they ever different this time around!


1. OH my gawd look how old the Paramount logo is!!

2 this the 50s? It is... They are NOT singing that Hallelujah-Kumbaya song... Oh no--they are!!

3. Ooh it's all so quaint! Look at those high-waisted jeans WOW they make her butt look great...


5. Shit this is actually good...

6. Whoops overt sexual assault being swept under the rug right from the get-go (when that trucker "helps" Annie into the seat?! ARGH!)

7. Hmm... I remember these "kids" being "bad", before? They are actually a lovely little group of young adults who just want jobs?! And they aren't even "slutty" I mean come on these people are clearly old enough to date each other. o_O

8. Two words: Strip. Monopoly. !!!

9. OMG half of them are dead now.

10. Where the hell was this filmed? Was it Canada? It looks like Canada. Yay, Canada! <3

*I checked, it was New Jersey! ^-^

We are looking forward to finishing it tonight! ^-^

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