Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Midday Musings

Cold or not the sun is shining brightly today and I soaked up all that good vitamin D until my fingers almost froze! I love it. I gave the dogs extra time and then I went out and enjoyed a long walk without them for once ( pulling!!) I've been waiting all winter for this real cold--the kind that punches you right in the lungs. It's invigorating! And it started snowing, which means it's actually been warming up.


I'm thinking of going ahead and making the Shepherd's Pie now? Then I can just chuck it in the oven for a quick re-heat when he comes home and we'll have more actual time together. (The day feels so long and then he gets home and the night is just gone in the blink of an eye?? Blurgh!) I should probably make something for dessert, too... (He is most definitely a 'dessert person'!) Hmm yes I think I'll do this now. ^-^

Oh, and I threw on seasons 1 & 2 of Friends while cleaning/stretching this week, and xina_gee you were so totally right about early-seasons Janice. She's amazing. She's funny, sweet, considerate and thoughtful (those socks!) not jealous (when she is just genuinely curious to know "which of the six of you, has done it with which of the six of you"? That's the best!) she fits in with the group, she is an awesome dresser (considering it was NYC in the early '90s) and when Chandler dumps her for the millionth time and she so calmly says "That's fine," and then compares herself to a FOGHORN calling him to her?! Oh my gosh, I still cry-laugh at that!!




So I am, officially, Team Janice now. ^-^ ...Even the laugh kind of grew on me *LOL*

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