Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

Tea Time! (Weekend Wind Down)

Having a lovely cup of tea right now (mint for me, green for him) as part of the Weekend Wind Down. Just washed my hair (and used the fancy pants purple conditioner) and spent some time cleaning and generally spiffing up my nails--Sundays are for Self-Care! I'll post photos tomorrow because they look way better in sunlight. ^-^

Other things I always do on Sundays:

- Change the bedding (and make sure my legs are smooth because that's the best)

- Clean out the fridge (it's Garbage Eve! Bless us all)

The rest -->

- Do all laundry (how can I start the week without my favourite sweatshirt?!)

- My man and I set get our agendas out and take 10 mins to kind of 'sync up' our week ahead (I of course like to know when his appointments are and vice versa!)

- Meal plan (not prep) for the week

- Do a face mask (I haven't chosen one for tonight yet but I'll tell you tomorrow!)

...I think that's it?

We haven't had dinner yet but we've got some chicken breast in there so I'm thinking fajitas! Love fajitas. It's always felt really important to have a big, home-cooked meal on Sundays...I guess I get that from my Nan? If we're going to eat out it's never on a Sunday, I've definitely noticed this (unspoken rules).

I keep thinking about that date-stick thing :) It's going to be fun, I think! We talked about it tonight over a nice poof and we've got some ideas already <3 (We'll be doing it on the weekend!)

Okay now I'm hungry for dinner. Had a cheese bun to tide us over but that's wearing off...

Have a great night, guys! :)
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