Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Wait...wait why is it spring?!

It's 1C. All the snow off the house and garage roofs have come crashing down and destroyed my precious walking paths!! o_O You know I want spring but not NOW, *lol*. It's just too weird!

It's Sunday. We kinda went into party mode (no drinking, but just that vibe) this weekend and now I need to face the music and clean...well, everything!! I've done a sink full of dishes but there's another one waiting (I've used our brand new dishwasher exactly two times since getting it last December! I just...don't...wanna. It seems like a waste for two people?! Why did I insist on this...) and then onto everything else.


Stretching Progress: Been doing it daily for about 6 weeks now, with 6 of those days 'off' (I still stretch that day but suuuuuper lightly) and I'm no longer experiencing intense hip/thigh pain when I wake up. Yay! My hamstrings still feel almost as tight as Day 1, though. Boourns. My core is slowly getting stronger and I know because I constantly feel like I took a kick to the gut *LOL* (took many a-kicks in martial arts--don't want it to sound like I was just some nutbag who fought strangers all the time) but that's okay. That's what progress feels like! I just read this super simple line about working out/improving physical health somewhere and it was so motivating:

"It's not supposed to be easy."


I am still nowhere near those two crazy poses I posted weeks back, though. *LOL* Like not even in that f-ing hemisphere...


But, I'll get there. You'll see. :) (I've been too embarrassed to take photos of my efforts but you WILL see, eventually.)


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