Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

Saturn's Day

Gorgeous day here--only -3C! ^-^ Gonna be some long dog walks today. :)

I sleep until 7 on the weekends (I stay up later so the dogs get walked later and it all works out) and am feeling so rested today! I've got the kitchen done, cat boxes cleaned and laundry is swirling around in the machines.


By the way, is anyone else freaked out by this Coronavirus thing? Do you want to know what the NEWSPAPERS printed this morning, here? And I f-ing QUOTE:

"Don't have a cow."

Don't. Have. A. Cow.


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Can you believe that? I think something like 15 people died today from it, and that is our paper's official statement? Rude and heartless. Do 12 year olds run everything, now? The paper specifically said to NOT go out and buy protective masks--so, of course I immediately asked my guy if we already some kicking around in the garage (he needs stuff like that for his work) and he confirmed that we do so I'm a little calmer...but not really. -_- When they tell you NOT to panic? That's when it's time to calmly prepare yourself for the worst.

Ever see the movie Contagion?? *shudders*

So we were down to eating out once a month and now we've cut that out, too. Probably indefinitely, for lots of reasons that have nothing to do with this. No more food that I didn't make with my own two (clean!) hands (that includes coffee/tea and all that crap). I haven't had a cold/flu since I worked at the restaurant four years ago (touching money, being exposed to the public) so I've definitely experienced the difference that makes. (I just know someone is going to attack me here and say that that's not foolproof blah blah blah and yeah-- no SHIT it's not, but it's a huge help and it's just sad if you can't see that.) The nicest part of it? Looking at the banking and seeing just bills being paid and grocery store charges. It's so satisfying! I used to live with constant buyer's remorse from ordering food when I lived in the city *lol* (it was just TOO easy there) so it's just something I had to do. So please don't take it personally if you eat out a lot, I'm not judging. This is just what is right for our lifestyle, right now. :)

I hope you're all having a nice start to the weekend <3
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