Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Yay!! Just doesn't seem right to begin the year without this...

My witches' datebook arrived! I've been getting these for...I don't even know how long?? I was definitely getting them in my 20s, but could it be longer than that?! And no, I didn't keep them all. Kind of wish I had now but it seemed unnecessary until this moment *lol*.



Does anyone have any idea how long they've been doing these? I'm on the official Llewellyn website but there isn't much of an 'about' section.

Oh, and it gives you a colour for each day, and today's was green. :)

I had a good day, stayed on top of all the things (cleaning and cooking--tonight I made pasta shells with a spicy meat sauce, mmm) and got some reading in, too. The weather is the weirdest of any winter I can remember--it's -3C right now. That is so mild...which would be great except these big temperature swings make me ache. I think I'd better do another round of stretching tonight before bed or else I'll be sore AF tomorrow...

How's everyone doing, this winter? Everybody okay with the SAD stuff? I hope so.
(*hugs* if you're not and feel free to vent at me if you need to. <3)

It used to hit me so super badly but we just haven't had a lot of that frigidly cold (-30C) stuff yet, and I'm doing all the recommended things to combat it so...feeling pretty good. :) Only...10 more weeks to go?! *LOL* oh good gawd... Say a little prayer that our weird, good weather continues? ;)

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