Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Impeccable timing...! <3

Yesterday evening when I was definitely in need of a arrived on my doorstep!! ^-^ Awhile back, sweetie-pie xina_gee sent me these:


:D And I LOVE them and use them frequently because they are SO cute and just a fun little positive thing to do a few times a week! I've always had good success with cards (any cards) and I've found this deck to be no less spooky than any tarot set...! (Seriously--I chose two cards two days ago and whoa... I did take photos! Will post later.)

So that's the deck that started it all, and then last night while I was going inside to peel potatoes I found these little puppies waiting for me!! (Not my actual puppies. *LOL*)

More here -->


Eeee!!!! :D Thank you so much again hon--I just had to share and show these in case other people wanna try them, too! ^-^

And I pulled one from each deck while making this post (of course I did, heh) and got...

OMG ;_;




See once again I feel very moved right now... I know stuff like this isn't for everyone and that's cool :) but it feels like lovely support from the Universe to me so I just wanted to recommend 'em. ^-^

Thank you again, sweetie. :)



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