Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Wonder Woman (2017)


I was already crying in the opening scene...two minutes in and my whole face and shirt were wet. All I could choke out to explain myself was,

"It''s like 'Lord of the Rings'...but starring women."

I literally cried for the first forty minutes. :D (It was not at all sad, that's just me being me...)

This film is everything I ever wanted growing up as a little girl in a man's world. I cried thinking of all the little girls who will see this at just the age for it to embed in their personality forever and help them become the strong, bad-ass women this world so sorely needs.

I liked Chris Pine's character very much, but am I the only one who thought he was dwarfed by Gal Gadot? I'm not sure who I would replace him with if I could, but Gadot just has such an intensely strong screen presence and I thought he couldn't quite keep up with her. No hate for Chris, though...not his fault he got cast opposite a goddess.


A movie starring women, about women, directed by a woman? You're damn right I bought it. Women support each other at ALL levels. <3

10/10 from us.

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