Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

The Condemned (2007) It's a 9/10, from me! UNF!

This. MOVIE!!! Nine out of ten stars!! Holy CROW.



Watched this last night (on the biiiig TV yaaas baybeeeee!) and, well, I loved every single thing about it. ESPECIALLY STONE! COLD! STEVE AUSTINNNN

*having ye olde impure thoughts*






Bet you didn't know I'm a closet-wrestling fan, didja??


It was just so fun, back when it was still WWF... *wistfully stares into the past*

But, back to the MOVIE! I laughed, I cried, I cringed, I scream-yelled at the TV fifteen or twenty times, suppressed gags and punched the couch at least once.

(You see why I love Edina so much...!? *LOL*! I so get her.)

When a movie is starring a wrestler, you go into it with pretty low expectations ;) but this one blew us away, truly. And Steve stays in his lane, acting-wise, if you know what I mean? There are no big dramatic scenes with him because he can't do that. And the director knew it, and did a wonderful job of utilizing him and his talents. Basically, if you wanna see him pile drive some baddies, this is the movie for you. :D

(For those who may not know, Steve Austin was one of the Good Guys of wrestling <3 You loved him and you wanted to root for him, and I felt that here, too.)

Also, the Mister and I could NOT concentrate any time Emilia Burns was onscreen.


She is a 10/10... Possibly 11/10. We were both just stupid looking at her *LOL* (Isn't it great that we find the same chicks attractive? I think that's important, for some reason?!)




We literally had to pause it to discuss her hotness. *LOL*

(I'm so glad there's less than a 1% chance of ever running into her because I would feel like Gollum--when he's mid-transformation to be coming a gross little gargoyle--next to her *LOL*.)

The part best was it had a real story, and it was way deeper than anticipated. What am I saying ? No, the best part was...


VINNIE. F-ING. JONES!!! (Pretty sure that's his legal name.) One of the best actors of our time, if you ask me. Where would Guy Ritchie be without him??


Anyway! Yes, I loved it. A lot. ^-^ I think a lot of you here would enjoy it but howlin_wolf_66 honey I'm looking your direction, specifically.


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