Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Good Morning ^-^

Took this yesterday. :)


Hope you all had a nice sleep! I'm always tired on Mondays but I've got a really nice cup of coffee here and as soon as it's done I'll go hop in the shower and get to doing things! (The more things I get done early in the day the more I end up being able to do, overall.)

Oh!! We watched Die Hard 2: DIE HARDER last night! So good!! So cheesy, but good. Fun. Love Jon Mclean!! ^-^ We have all five so...guess that takes care of TV time for this week! Hehe.

We finally got our big TV out and even though it's still sitting on the floor (we will find those wall brackets) it's super amazing to watch stuff on the bigger, nicer (way better picture...the old one was crap *LOL*) TV. Which is good because we have a pile to get to!!


Also, that smaller TV just broke but we got it for like fifty bucks or something, years ago, so it owed us nothing. :) See:





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