The Ghost with the Most (amethyst_witch) wrote,
The Ghost with the Most

All I wanna know is...

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That depends. Where are you going?
Click the link...
Well this did not get off to a great start *LOL*
oh. my. Gawd!
That is amazing!!! All that rainbow'y goodness in a hotel room?! Glorious! Although... I wish it was in Canada XD Not traveling to the US anytime while hairy scary orange guy is in power
HA! I say the SAME thing about Evil Carrot Top o_O


Yesss if they make a Canadian one I will so be there--with rainbow-coloured bells on ^-^

I'm unfamiliar with the context... but that DOES look like an awesome place to stay! :-) LOL.
*LOL* That's a good thing!


Sadly, I have to work.
Oh my goodness!!
I know!! I LOVE it!!! ^-^ You'd go mad after three days I think *LOL* but those first two would be magical!

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October 9 2019, 18:54:33 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 9 2019, 18:56:05 UTC

I think I might get dizzy in the bathroom, but the kitchen is definitely my thing ! I might paint the spiral-coloured column in one colour maybe :-)
Hehe I do agree!! But it'd be delightful, for a little while! ^-^


4 days ago

I just saw that. Very colorful, lol. I would have to wear sunglasses and I love color. : )
Same!! It'd be worth it. ^-^


October 9 2019, 21:48:21 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 9 2019, 21:48:48 UTC

Aww, I remember that wonderful poppin' 90s style : ) I just showed A, and she nearly fainted lmao Her mouth was wide open, and she's all, "O.M.Gosh...where is it and how much to stay there? I need to live there! Ooooo stuffed animals! Ooo, what?! Unicorns!!"

I love the arrangement and colours of the kitchen towels hanging on the oven handle, and the bathroom. I think it would be overwhelming to my senses in other areas of the room though lol Oh and I smiled at the mention of trapper keepers! I miss the 90s <3
Eeee!! I knew she'd love it!!


I miss the 90s, too. :) This place is a dream to me... <333
That is nothing if not COLORFUL. lol......
Hugs, Jon
It's so garish...I LOVE it!!!

It makes me wonder if there are more themed rooms coming in the future. How cool would it be to be in something like the Friends set?!

I wonder why they decided to limit the days available. I imagine the dates are going to get snatched up so fast!
YES YES YES YES!!! *Throws VISA card at this idea*



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