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Heartfelt thank-you's <333

I was having a real "la poo" day, but gevr and xina_gee you two lifted my spirits so much, and when I really needed it. ^-^

First look at this beautiful photo of Leela and lovely message of friendship <3


I love it, and it was so perfectly timed, gevr! We were sort of cranky with Leela today...but when I opened that and saw her beautiful face...<3 Just wow, thank you so much. It's on the little fridge, as you can see. It's making me smile right now as I type this. ^-^

And xina_gee OMG you delightful sneaky spoiler you--


*LOL*! I <3 you so so much!! I am stoked as hell to watch this--and he's on holidays now so this is totally happening tomorrow night!! :D :D :D


Thank you both so very much--I was so surprised :) felt great. <333
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