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Hello Slimfast, my old friend...


I definitely don't recommend it longterm *shakes head* but if you're looking to lose less than 10 pounds, it's helpful! :)

I'm using it for just two weeks (on day 4 now) and I have it just once a day (either for breakfast or lunch, and I still have two good meals plus snacks--definitely not starving myself) and I'm feeling good! I'm on track again.

Good luck and love to all who are also trying to shed the pandemic pounds! We're all in this together. ^-^

Serena LOL

Dress #3! ...Maybe Not for Going Out *lol*

So this one, I clearly bought for my guy. ;) Maybe I'd wear it out if I knew for sure I'd be keeping my little jean jacket on, or something, but otherwise it's a clubbing dress and those days are clearly gone (we don't even have a bar out here *LOL*). But it'll be super cute as a backyard dress AND it matches my pink and purple running shoes, perfectly. *chef's kiss*

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Manson Hates It

Well crap. -_-


Like most of you, this is what we woke up to... GRR! This is late for snow, even for us (currently -2C). It doesn't look like much but it's still snowing hard (big fat flakes) so we'll see what it amounts to later. Tiny bit of a mood killer, but what can ya do?

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Pig Love

Surprise Pig Friend!! ^-^


Isn't he cute?! Just a random thing to make me smile...ugh I love him so much. ;)

Scott has been building me something...for months. In secret, all in little one-hour blocks here and there at his work shop, staying late just 15 minutes a few times a week so I wouldn't notice anything. I can't unveil it yet because he made me promise to wait until it's totally assembled, but I will say it's huge and necessitated multiple visits to Hansen's. :> He just grabbed the piggy on his way out as a bonus and I love it. So it's obviously an outside item and it's been hilarious to watch the neighbour men all wander up ("see ya got a project here, sonny...") and then pitch in to help him get it all set up.


(2 more pics of stone piggy under the cut!)

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