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The Best Movie I've Ever Seen

The trilogy we just finished...was The Godfather. WOW. Nothing will ever knock my two favourite movies out of places 1 and 2, but this is now number 3 and I really do think it's the best movie I've ever had the pleasure of watching (my favourites are my favourites but it doesn't mean they're better than this...they're not. Credit where it's due and all that).

I'm sure the first thought for some of you is HOW?!?! How have I never seen this, I'm part Sicilian!! But THAT'S WHY. My family banned this one movie (okay, trilogy) from me hard (I was allowed to watch horror and general violence...but nothing mob related *LOL*) and you know what, I understand why. If I'd seen this at 12 I for sure would've tried to either be a little kingpin myself, or date one. Either way it'd have been really bad. ;)


Oof. Al Pacino. I didn't know how crazy handsome he was o_O I just didn't know!! I'd have rushed to see these sooner if I'd known. ;)

In all seriousness, it's a perfect story and film. Just perfect. I spent the first 28 minutes with tears running down my face because it made me miss my grandma so. Much. It's just so authentic, to say they did their research is an understatement. They are Sicilian Catholics and it was just too much at times... I will even admit it made me miss church (the family and community aspect of it). Just so many flashbacks.

The music, the MEN'S OUTFITS, omg. The women all looked drab as hell but the men... *chef's kiss* '40s/'50s fashion did men RIGHT. I know he's going to kill me but I've been searching for suspenders for Scott. ;) Just...UNF.

I loved it from start to finish, and it didn't even feel long.

So the first one is perfection, and the second one is REALLY good, too. I loved it but slightly less than the first. De Niro was fantastic, as always. *nods*

...And then, we saw the third one.


What the hell!? Vinny and Mary... *gagging and dying* WHY. We did not care for the third one (talk about a mood killer... Oi). It was made like 16 years after the first one and didn't have any of the magic of the first two. Just felt totally tacked on and unnecessary.

So go ahead and laugh at me for only seeing these now o_O but honestly, I'm glad I saw them at 36 and not 16; there's no way I could've appreciated it the way I do now.

If you're a film lover in general I really recommend the first one, but I'm sure you've all seen it already. ;)
Heart Cloud

What a day <3

Yesterday, we celebrated my step father's (my brother's dad) life with a beautiful, military funeral. My brother gave a deeply touching, funny and perfectly executed (emotional, but he never cracked) eulogy, and opened with the music from JJ's favourite show, Band of Brothers. It was deeply moving... I'm so damn proud of him.
He looked wonderful and handsome in his grey suit and tie and I wore a '50s-esque black and white polkadot (small ones) dress, black heels and my beautiful blue and purple heart pendant from my sister--but reversed so the ornate silver side showed. (Thank you, sis... Not sure I could've made the day without you with me like that. ♥)

We moved outside for the burying of the urn and there were military men (I know many women serve, too, but this happened to be all men and wow those uniforms are incredible) to march us there and stand at attention for the service. Then...the bugler took over. He brought us down to the deepest depths of our souls and then brought us all right back up again. I couldn't help but think that if the sunrise made a sound, it would be a bugle.

When he finished, the bagpiper took over. JJ loved bagpipes and it was so heart wrenching but so very beautiful at the same time. My brother really did right by his dad, I know JJ was looking down and just beaming with love and joy. There were many tears, but we all went back to my brother's after it was done and spent hours telling all our favourite JJ stories and there was so much laughter. The world is poorer without him but we gained a powerful angel/guardian...that's how I have to see it.

When we got home we were starving...Scott took me to Casa Paolo (our favourite family-run Italian restaurant) and we had filet mignon and toasted him with a lovely bottle of wine. JJ loved to eat and that seemed like an appropriate *end to the day.

*The official end was we cranked music in the garage until midnight and I danced my butt off. I just wanted the universe to know how happy and grateful I am to have known him at all.

Bird kiss

We've Got Eyas ^-^

We've noticed more hawks around here lately and today there are little eyas everywhere learning to fly and hunt with their folks. Amazingly beautiful birds. ^-^

And they don't seem very concerned with us because they're growing up with us around? We'll be sitting at Bird Land and suddenly there are three of them splashing around and one adult is always above us, watching (like a...) and making sure we're not disturbing the little sweeties. It's been such a beautiful summer so far and we've been so blessed with all these animal visits, I really have nothing to complain about at all. It's been a weird couple of years but life is good.

Witch rain

Beautiful Orange Moon... Damn you!


We stood on the lawn and gazed at this lovely, orange moon on Monday night...and then Tuesday morning guess what came early. -_- (I usually only get it on the full moon and this was only a halfer.) I was in so much pain yesterday I could barely function, physically or mentally. (When I can't even LJ then you know it's bad, bleh.) But I'm feeling fine today and I'm getting caught up here and in the house (amazing how it piles up after just one day).

(More under the cut...)

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Today&#39;s Special


The sun is setting and there are fireflies everywhere right magical. Hope you're all having a beautiful Saturn's Day.

We're off to play some Redneck Life and then start an epic movie marathon of a true classic...but more on that tomorrow. ^-^

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Darkman (1990) Amazing!!


This movie is INSANE and I loved it immensely!! Have any of you seen this one?! I can't believe I'm just finding it now...the shame! So funny, so gory and gross, action packed, creepy, unique and just an overall enjoyable ride. It's a Sam Raimi, and that should tell you everything you need to know.

...Liam Neeson forever!!!

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2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984)


Has anyone seen this?? I really liked it. I think I even liked it more than the first one, but of course you need the first to go with this one. And it's not as crazy long (2001 has an actual intermission built into it...argh), which was good for a weeknight movie (I don't mind a long movie but it's gotta be on Fri or Sat night, then). Really good! Definitely recommend.