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Made some cheesy penne noodles and chicken tonight! Did the garlic bread in the real oven this time :D (those are his sandwich buns for work but there were some to spare). So full now! Almost time to veg out with a movie--that reminds me: we watched The Cable Guy on the weekend, one of my all-time favourite movies.

If you've never seen it then I urge you not to assume it's bad just because everyone says it wrecked his career (as if the man wasn't allowed to take on a darker role? He had to stay Disney-funny forever? Gimme a break) it shouldn't have wrecked his career, it's really good but too many people just didn't 'get it'.


They weren't ready for the concept, and/or it was too awkward for most people. But if you actually like dark comedies--this one is gold. Imagine dealing with Chip?! Really though. o_O We've all dealt with a Chip of some degree... It makes my skin crawl *Lol*. It almost classifies as a horror movie, really, except there's no blood or gore or anything like that. So good, a great October flick. :)

Okay time to feed the monsters and get comfy. Hope you all have a great night. ♥
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Weekend Update


Beef curry!! Mmm. Scott and I haven't celebrated any standard holidays for about five years now but Pedro did pop over this afternoon for a visit and we made this awesome curry. House smells amazing! I cried for an hour thanks to the onions and spices. xD

(More under the cut!)

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Perfect Timing

It's been such a gorgeous day--22C!! Probably the last day I'll be able to wear a tank top! And I greatly enjoyed it. :)

We hopped right in the truck when we got up (no makeup, no coffee/tea and I'm ready to go in five minutes now) and got all the errands done (such beautiful scenery on the drive, too, wow!) and not five minutes after we got home and took the dogs out/got 'em back in it start pouring + thunder and lightning. :D

I was really busy with homemaker stuff yesterday (reorganizing the cupboards/pantry/closets etc.) but I did take photos of the tiny pancakes I made us two nights ago for ya! He requested silver dollar pancakes and I was scared I'd burn them but they turned out great. And then for some reason I made enough pasta (with meat sauce) for fifteen people last night so we are definitely having leftovers for dinner tonight. o_O (Why do I do that with pasta?? Every time...!)

Look how cute they are:


And pasta:

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Quality Time


Titus smooshes against me under the blankets for TV time (just finished the Living Single episode with the poker game--best one yet. Made me mad, and love Kyle so much!)

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Hello Tuesday


Today's sunrise! It was more pink in person but you know how the camera does that thing o_O but it still turned out okay like this.

It's been a nice day, so far. I slept well, got up early and made my guy an extra big lunch (it's getting cold now and our appetites are returning full force) and knocked a few things off the daily to-do list before making myself a big breakfast (eggs, toast, hashbrowns, mmm). Going to take the girls out for long walks soon since it's so nice out and then I'll do a little laundry and watch an episode of Living Single in the afternoon while I wait for the dryer. ethereal_waves I'm about to start 'Hot Fun in the Wintertime', if you're wondering! ^-^ So good. The last episode made me SO happy because our two lovebirds finally get together and eee! Kyle: "These two are an accident that needs to happen."


They make my heart sing!!

Then I'll get back to the list and before I know it he'll be home! I took beef out last night but I haven't decided if it's going to be hamburgers or tacos yet. ...They're both so good! How do I decide? ...YOU decide!

How many for burgs, how many for tacos??

Hope you're all having a lovely day! :)
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Great News :)

My stepdad had his surgery and it went very well! We are so relieved I can't even tell you. ^-^ It was brain surgery so of course it'll be awhile until they send him home but he's awake and talking and doing well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your good wishes and prayers and my mom thanks you, too. :)